Well that’s good to know!

We have almost a dozen SmartBoards on our campus.  The care and feeding of them are really in a limbo here.  The IT department installs them. Since they’re IT equipment, I don’t think our Facilities department touches them.   I was thinking of the approaching cold & flu season. (Winter is coming!) and wondered if it was possible to wipe them down with some antibacterial wipes, or if that would somehow break the board.

So I went searching on how to disinfect the SmartBoard.  Instead of sending off an e-mail to their support, I first checked their online help pages.  They were surprisingly helpful!   Of course this is a question that teachers of small children have asked before.  The answer resides here: Disinfecting Your SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard.


“To disinfect your SMART Board

Wet a clean cloth with a solution of 10% bleach and 90% water (or with household cleaners such as Fantastik, Formula 409, Windex with Ammonia-D or Mr. Clean), and then wipe the display surface, pen tray and any other surfaces that you want to disinfect. Repeat as necessary.”

This is good to know!

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