My Pinterest Talk

Although I am a librarian, I am also something of an educational technologist here, for lack of a better term.  I keep track of technology that is developing and try to connect it to classes and instructors here.

I realized that I could promote the use of Pinterest to our Education students.  I see plenty of our students on Pinterest already, but there is a small learning curve to using it effectively.  So I contacted our Education Student Club and arranged to do a little show & tell.  They took care of booking a room with a computer podium, and all the students brought in their laptops.

The first question I asked the group was to see how many of them had Pinterest accounts already.  100% of them did.  My fear of telling them information they already knew was unfounded.  The whole presentation was peppered with comments of surprise, realization, and understanding.

I have loaded my talk on SlideShare.  Be sure to read the notes on each slide, as I made an effort to share the key points of my talk there.

Pinterest for Professional Development from Victoria Maloy

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