Legal Bullies and a Poster Layout

Once upon a time, our institution’s poster sized printer was housed in our building.  This fact made it necessary for me to learn graphic design of scientific (and not so scientific) posters in order to help our students and faculty. One resource I found and have visited time and again is the site created by Colin Purrington. He has written a very helpful guide on how to design conference posters that will be eye-catching, not eye-bleeding.  It is helpful and humorous at the same time.  Imagine my sadness to find out that his content has been stolen, distributed, and then when he had the temerity to complain – he was notified that the company that did the copy-theft was going to sue him.

I hope that this will settle out in Mr. Purrington’s favor.  In honor of his work in making the world a better place for conference attendees, I am sharing a poster template that I created for one of my nursing faculty.  It is a bit flashier than a scientific conference poster.  There is no space devoted to literature cited or specific methods or discussion sections.  I made it for a horizontal 24” x 36” poster, but you can go into page setup and change that if you’d like.  Change whatever you’d like.  Definitely plan on changing the clip art to something copyright free and appropriate to your topic.  Enjoy and have a good conference!



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