Read-a-long post 3

Part Two – Hokhmah

Chapter Three – “In hanc utilitatem clementes angeli”

The intro to this chapter has been translated in Google Groups & recorded in Goodreads as

To this advantage, clement messengers have discovered designs,
symbols, shapes and spells, and have set before us mortals tokens
both obscure and enormous, in no manner near to the accustomed usage
of speech; but through the highest wonder of our reason, we have
been led over into an earnest examination of intelligible things,
and thereupon to their very reverence and love.

We have a name!  The narrator is named Casaubon.

So the main characters we have so far:

  • Abulafia – a wordprocesser
  • Belbo, Jacopo – Missing. Owner of Abulafia.
  • Casaubon – Narrator
  • Diotallevi – explainer of the first Sefirah (p. 16), in the hospital (p.19)
  • Gudrun – Accompanied Diotallevi to the hospital, female, responsible for keeping “the business going.”

It was so funny to see the first improvisations on a word processor. This technology revolutionized the concept of authorship, just like Gutenberg’s movable type press.

Chapter Four – “He who attempts to penetrate into the Rose Garden”

I’m on a roll!

My guess on the password?  Whiskey.

What a strange engraving.


Words/terms looked up:

notarikon, gematria, temurah – three ancient methods used by Kabbalists to rearrange words and sentences in the Bible, in the belief that by this method they can derive the esoteric substratum and deeper spiritual meaning of the words.

oriens – The East (Latin)


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